Heating Oil

Over 10 million Americans enjoy the safety, reliability, economic value, and eco-friendliness of oil heat. Did you know that new oil heat systems can produce efficiency ratings that exceed 92%? These products earn the EPA’s Energy Star endorsement. On average, heating oil burns 16% more efficiently than gas. New oil heat appliances have average life expectancies of 30 or more years (assuming annual maintenance) versus the 11 to 14 year life expectancy of a gas furnace. Upgrading your heating oil equipment to a more energy-efficient system pays for itself over a short period of time, adds value to a home, and provides more efficient residential warmth than gas.

At Allen’s Oil and Propane, we do all we can to be sure your oil heating system is operating at peak efficiency. All of our home heating oil is treated with an additive that keeps the fuel more stable and helps keep heater components clean.

Heating Oil Delivery Options

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

When you sign up for our automatic fuel oil delivery service, we monitor your account based upon your previous history and elapsed degree days. You do not have to think about monitoring your system’s inventory level. We automatically deliver fuel to your home when you need it, assisting you and your fueling throughout the winter.

Will Call Heating Oil Delivery

Our will call oil ordering option is best for customers who prefer to monitor their own oil usage. Please call us when your tank gauge reads ¼ tank. We provide will call customers the best service possible.