Enjoy Predictable Prices with a Budget Plan from Allen’s Oil & Propane


The team at Allen’s Oil & Propane is proud to provide you with delivery of safe, reliable heating oil and propane, no matter the time of year. We understand that price is a factor when you choose your fuel provider, and that knowing how much you can expect to pay for a fill up offers peace of mind. To that end, we’ve created our simple and easy budget plans to allow you the most flexibility. Keep exploring this page to learn about your options, and please feel free to contact us or call us in Vincentown (609) 859-2334 or Hammonton (609) 561-7714 if you have any questions!


Please send check payments to our main office:

Allen’s Oil & Propane, 427 N. Main Street, Vincentown, NJ 08088

For any customer using their online banking accounts, please be aware it may take 7–10 days for us to receive payment. All walk-ins are welcome to pay at both our Vincentown and Hammonton offices.


Which Budget Plan Works For Your Central NJ Home?

Your monthly budget payment is determined by two factors: your estimated fuel usage for the season and the projected average price of fuel during that period of time. Allen’s Oil & Propane provides the 10 or 11 monthly envelopes in which you need to mail your checks, but you will still receive your yellow delivery ticket, so you may monitor your fuel usage.

Budget Plan A

Our 11-month Budget begins in July. With this option, your estimated fuel cost is spread out from July through May, keeping your monthly payments to a minimum.

Budget Plan B

Our 10-month Budget begins in September. Payments run from September through June.

All payments are due on the 10th of every month except for our automatic billing customers (see below).

1. It’s Easy   2. It’s Smart

A 10¢ per gallon discount will automatically be applied on your account at the end of the budget season if all monthly payments are made on time.

one dime times every gallon used

Automatic Billing & Paperless Statements Available Upon Request

If you choose to enroll in our automatic billing program, a credit card is kept on file. With this option, you have a choice of a payment processing date of either the 10th of the month or the 25th of the month. Please contact Darlene at (609) 859-2334 to enroll in automatic billing.

To enroll in our paperless billing program, please fill out this form.

For the budget plan to work properly, payments must be made in the amount established by our budget program software. If payments less than the budget amount are paid, or if 2 payments are missed, the account will be removed from the budget.

Our Oil CAP Program & Propane Pre-Buy Program

Oil CAP Program

Our CAP Program is just for oil customers. As an oil customer, you will pay a one-time fee per season. When you establish a capped rate, you will not pay a higher price for oil during the season. If our price goes below the capped rate, you will then pay the lower rate. CAP Program will be terminated if account is not kept in good standing. Please call Diane at (609) 859-2334 after July 20th to get details.

Propane Pre-Buy Program

Our Pre-Buy Program is just for propane customers. Pre-buy your propane at the beginning of the season at a fixed price. Your price will remain fixed for your pre-bought gallons during the season until May 1st. Upon signing the agreement, you will pay half down and the balance will be due by October 1st.  The heating season runs from October 1st to April 30th. Please call Diane at (609) 859-2334 after July 20th to get details.

Have questions about any of our budget plans or fuel programs? Contact us today at (609) 859-2334.